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Music Business Law
Music Law
Our firm is passionate about music and protecting creators whether they are writers, producers, or label owners.  We listen so that we can  understand what our clients are looking to achieve in each deal or  transaction, we are not afraid to talk honestly with clients about market value, opportunity costs, potential outcomes both good and bad, and occasionally advise a client against a deal.  Similarly we are not afraid to advocate zealously on their behalf.  Our goal is always to protect our clients and their work, and create winning long lasting pacts with counter parties in effective written agreements and sound strategies in applying those agreements.

Atlanta in the Industry

Atlanta, and the state of Georgia have enjoyed a rich musical heritage.  In particular, recent history supports the argument that Atlanta is the modern hip hop capital of the world and accordingly a mega hub of the music industry.  In the 1990’s and 2000’s Atlanta’s Music Industry began its climb, fueled by homegrown creative talents like Outkast and others who became global superstars.  Today many of the music industry’s top earners as well as most sought after emerging talent are based in Atlanta.  Furthermore, this tradition of creativity, growth, and contribution to the musical landscape originating in Atlanta shows no signs of slowing.  Our firm takes pride in being connected into the industry in such a dynamic city on the rise.

The Industry’s Evolution

The modern music industry is evolving more rapidly than ever with the emergence of technological advances in production, digital distribution, online collaboration, and many other complex issues.  These issues and their legal implications often come up when creating modern contracts, doing business online, and generally operating in the music industry.

The question is whether these changes in the music industry create problems for entertainers or on the other hand create opportunities.  It is our belief that good lawyers do more than just write contracts, they help create and leverage opportunities.

Knowledge speaks but Wisdom listens  –  Jimi Hendrix