Film Contracts


Filming In GeorgiaFilm and Media Practice

At Chandler and Chandler we strive to add value to our entertainment clients brands, businesses, and contract negotiations.

Our Media practice encompasses the legal needs of our clients in Motion Pictures, Film, Video, Television, Photography, Digital Content and more. We provide legal advice, negotiation, and contract drafting for actors, writers, directors, producers, media content providers, media retailers, and other parties in the media industry.

Location Agreements and Releases

Georgia’s rapidly growing film and television production industry has created a diversity of opportunities for talent, stakeholders, and producers alike. Effectively capitalizing on these opportunities requires individuals have advisers that know and understand the film and television industry. Managing Partner Zeb Chandler, is a counselor with experience in the industry. His background in television branding, endorsements, production, and marketing allow him to understand the special requirements in modern media agreements.

Performance Contracts, Licensing Deals, Location Contracts, Vendor Service Agreements, and Releases are among the agreements we negotiate and draft for our clients.

Consultation Fees:

Entertainment Law services are billed at 250 for the initial 2-3 hour meeting at which time next steps, key legal filings, and business strategy may be covered.  Thereafter a retainer is set if the parties agree to representation.