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Artists, Producers, Bands, Djs, Labels, and Music Industry Professionals all need a team with the right tools to effectively chart their course. We serve as a key part of that team for our clients. We guard their best interests, and their rights to control and profit from their music, image, and hard work. We help them craft win-win agreements with publishers, promoters, producers, marketers, sponsors, and venues. We help our clients focus on the future and build business relationships that will build their careers.   Filming

Music and technology are merging at a breakneck speed, whether in the studio or in the consumption of music by fans. Helping our clients chart their course to leverage these changes is a key part of what we do. Negotiati

ng and Drafting Publishing Agreements, Licensing Agreements, Merchandising and Endorsement Deals, Touring Contracts, Internet Strategies, and Distribution Agreements are some of the types of agreements we help our clients forge so that they can move forward in their careers confidently.

Film and Tv

Our media practice encompasses the legal needs of our clients in Motion Pictures, Film, Video, Television, Photography, Digital Content and more. We provide advice, negotiation, and contract drafting for actors, writers, directors, producers, media content providers, media retailers, and othe

r parties in the media industry.

Georgia’s rapidly growing film and television production industry has created a diversity of opportunities for talent, stakeholders, and producers alike. Effectively capitalizing on these opportunities requires individuals have advisers that know and understand the film and television industry. Managing Partner Zeb Chandler, is a counselor with experience in the industry. His back

ground in television branding, endorsements, production, and marketing allow him to understand the special requirements in modern media agreements.

Performance Contracts, Royalty Agreements, Licensing Deals, Location Contracts, Vendor Service Agreements, Sample Releases, and General Releases are a few of the types of agreements we negotiate and draft for our clients.

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The law firm Chandler and Chandler Law Group was founded with the intent to deliver high value legal representation to clients while being of service to our community.  We pride ourselves in being accessible capable attorneys who work hard to help our clients achieve their goals.  We focus our practice on Entertainment Law and Personal Injury Cases.  Walker Chandler also handles select criminal cases in Georgia pertaining to possession defense.  Contact us today to learn how our team is focused on the success of our clients.


Chandler and Chandler Law Group practices in two related fields of Entertainment Law.  Music Contracts and Film and Television Contracts.


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