Entertainment Law Tip of The Day

Atlanta Entertainment Lawyer Zebulon Chandler recently launched a new series of daily videos that have premiered on instagram @atlentlaw where he discusses various concepts, contract clauses, mistakes, tips, and issues that artists and businesses face in the entertainment industries.





Attorney Zebulon “Zeb” Chandler practices primarily in music, film, and licensing  agreement creation, evaluation, negotiation, and dispute resolution.  In the videos he shares insight on a variety of subjects ranging from negotiation strategy, to record deals, to self publishing.  Soon he plans to compile the tips videos into playlists based on subject areas and create some longer videos discussing some topics in more detail.

In the meantime follow him on Instagram, and watch the Chandler and Chandler Law Facebook page for releases and descriptions of the videos and topics.

If you or someone you know faces an important decision, opportunity, or other issue in the entertainment business reach out to our firm and schedule a call or conference with Attorney Zeb Chandler today.


Check this page for more updates on the video series.  2018