Criminal Defense

Our firm does work with certain clients when they face problems relating to criminal charges.  Senior Partner Walker Chandler has much experience in criminal defense cases and has helped clients for decades.  As described in our Practice Areas page, he now focuses the bulk of his time on Entertainment and Business Matters, but he is not afraid to stand up and defend clients facing life and or career threatening charges.   Furthermore, our firm works with an very strong compliment of trusted and skilled outside attorneys who specialize in various forms of criminal defense in various geographic areas.

Walker’s longstanding commitment to libertarian principles and especially adult use legalization of cannabis has led him to become one of Georgia’s pre-emminent drug charge criminal defense lawyers.  While many lawyers and people turn to him to defend against these types of immoral charges, we also entrust our clients, friends, and neighbors to a select few Criminal Defense attorneys who specialize in other areas.

If you are facing criminal charges do not hesitate to contact us and ask to speak with Walker Chandler.  We hope you never face such a situation, but if you do we can either help you or find a skilled advocate who can.