Case History

Personal Injury Cases Results

Unlike most law firms who practice in personal injury we do not boast about monetary compensation we have helped recover for those injured in accidents.

Have we helped injured people recover millions of dollars? Yes.

Is that why you should hire us? No.

If you have been injured, you should hire someone you trust and believe in, someone with whom you have an open line of communication with.  And yes, someone with experience and knows how to maximize your results.

Many times the trust and communication are not there, and people end up working with huge law firms who are more interested in the numbers, and efficiency of settlement than interest in the actual client and their families.

Often times people choose their lawyer based on their billboards and not their personal rapport with the lawyer.   You should not base your choice of counsel on what they brag they have done for others.  You should base your choice of lawyer in an injury case on a lawyer who has experience, but also someone you feel truly understands you and your case and will give it personal attention.

Our approach to injury cases.

We don’t do tons of cases and see how many and how fast we can settle cases, we do the opposite, we work only a few injury cases at a time and we fight for each client all the way!

We take pride in working with each and every client we represent to help them to the best of our ability and protect their interests to the fullest extent of the law.

We have handled complex trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, numerous car accidents, workplace injuries, and numerous other types of accident cases.  In many of these cases our clients have received six figure compensation.  In some cases our clients have received in excess of 900,000.  But this is not what makes us who we are.

We are friends and supporters of others in our communities, we are parents and volunteers, we are husbands, we are fitness nuts, we are passionate about justice, freedom, law, language, music, and history.  This is what makes us who we are.

Why is this the only page on the internet where you will see examples of our results? Because we are proud of our involvement in the community, our protection of the rights and liberties of individuals, our part in helping entertainers and artists protect their creations and hard work, and yes we are proud of helping injury victims, but we are not ambulance chasers, we do not exaggerate compensation sums, and we do not like to see people get injured.  The monetary results come second to the relationships we have with our clients.  The relationships come first, and from that combined with a passion for justice and protecting victims excellent results follow.

Personal Liberty

As for noteworthy cases, (those things we are more proud of than monetary compensation) Walker has argued and prevailed in more than his fair share.  Walker has spent his career protecting individuals and their rights.


The following is an incomplete list of Cases in which Walker Chandler has been lead or co-counsel through the years:


United States Supreme Court

Chandler v. Miller


Chandler v. Miller, 520 U.S. 305

Walker sued then Georgia governor Zell Miller and the Georgia Electoral commission for violation of the constitution and won.  This decision reverberated throughout the country and curbed the invasive growth of the ‘war on drugs’ into so many aspects of our society.

He represented himself and all candidates who value privacy and abhor tyranny.

He protected citizens and participants in politics from blanket warrantless drug searches.

He won his case in the highest court in the land, the US Supreme Court, and created a landmark case in the process.



11th Circuit Court of Appeals

Bergland v. Harris, 767 F.2d 1551, C.A.11 (Ga.), August 12, 1985 (NO. 84-8701)

This case revolved around smaller political parties access to the ballot.  Ballot access is a serious issue in the United States as the two major parties have colluded to prevent third parties from having a voice in the political process.

  • Walker also was one of the first lawyers in Georgia to ever secure victory (a non-guilty verdict) in defense of a client who killed her husband in self defense using the little known and rarely admitted defense of ‘battered women’s syndrome’

  • This case and victory gave Walker more satisfaction that his supreme court victory because of the fact it opened the door not only to his client regaining some of her life and family, but it also opened the court system to better understanding battered women’s syndrome as a legitimate defense.

  • Walker has fought to protect the public’s right to access various community owned assets such as waterways and other community resources.

  • Walker has fought to protect clients who were wrongfully accused of crimes or were entrapped by police.

  • In short, Walker’s resume is truly one of a guardian of liberty and a protector the common man.  His record speaks for itself.

  • This is what make our firm more proud than any monetary damages we have recovered.

In the realm of entertainment law.  Zeb Chandler has successfully negotiated and/or drafted:

  • Performance Agreements for Major Djs, Artists, and Tv Talent.
  • Tv Series Production Agreements with major networks.
  • Management Agreements.
  • Co-Production Agreements.
  • Business Formations and Partnership Agreements.
  • Endorsement and Sponsorship Agreements.
  • Music License Agreements.
  • Development Agreements for Technology Companies.
  • Provisional Patent, Copyright, and Trademark filings.