Cannabis Law Update: Walker Chandler attends National NORMAL Conference

Senior Partner Walker Chandler attended the national conference held by NORMAL, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Law held in Washington DC.  At the conference it was noted that War on Cannabis is essentially over yet there still remains much work to be done.  As you may know Walker has long argued the unconstitutionality of Cannabis laws, and continues to do so here in Georgia, lobbying our politicians and arguing in court on behalf of innocent Georgians being persecuted under what the majority in Georgia realize to be outdated criminal laws.   Wether it be illegal search, medical necessity, or jury nullification, Walker’s very valid arguments are gaining more traction at all levels of our justice system.  He endeavors to not only to stay abreast of the changing law surrounding medical and recreational cannabis nationwide; he continues to strive to change the law here in Georgia through his with NORMAL among other efforts.