Zebulon Chandler

Zebulon Chandler

Zebulon Chandler is an Atlanta Georgia Entertainment Attorney focused on representing artists and companies in music, film, and technology.

His clients include artists, music producers, labels, and tv production companies.  These clients range from the well established to the newest wave of up and coming talent.

This diverse client base includes Grammy Nominated Songwriters, Platinum Producers, Studio Owners, Record Labels, American Idol Winners, and some of the most sought after hiphop, edm, and dj talent in the industry.

His background before attending law school included time in LA working in the then nascent product placement industry as well as building and running a successful professional dj production business.  This close connection to the music and tv business led him naturally into entertainment law and representing primarily artists, talent, and production companies.

In his former career as Dj Atlas he performed at some of the Southeasts most prestigious night clubs and venues, as well as produced and performed at hundreds of private events.  Some of his fondest djing memories include mixing music at epic marathon parties in warehouses along what is now the Atlanta Beltline; performing at lavish outdoor events; or when crews of Atlanta’s most talented dancers like NonStop decided to take over the club.

Mr. Chandler studied at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School where he earned his Juris Doctorate and at University of Georgia where he studied Business and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems.

Fundamentally, Mr. Chandler was drawn to law from a desire to make a difference and help people.  This takes the form of protecting and advocating for  clients in very important contracts, as well as working closely with his law partner and father Walker Chandler on serious injury cases.

Mr. Chandler invests time in providing useful guidance to students, aspiring creators, and young people starting out in the entertainment industry.  He attends many talent showcases, speaks at events and writes articles and legal guides, often shared on this and other sites, as well as publishes legal tips videos on Instagram at @atlentlaw

In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family, playing sports, studying foreign languages, and travel.