Truck Accident Checklist

After a Georgia truck accident, there are several key steps that you should take in order to protect your health and also to protect your legal rights. These steps include the following:


  • Stop at the accident scene ­
  • Get prompt medical attention – It is important to get medical attention right away even if you do not believe that you have been seriously injured. This is essential because some injuries such as internal bleeding or swelling of the brain do not immediately become apparent, may not have obvious symptoms or may not seem serious right away. Be sure to tell the doctor what happened during the accident and discuss all symptoms, even if they seem minor to you.
  • Contact law enforcement – Police can come to the scene and draft an accident report that will be invaluable if the truck driver tries to blame the accident on you or tries to claim that he/she is not at fault for the accident.
  • Get the names, addresses and identifying information of those at the accident scene
  • Take photographs of the accident scene, the damage to the vehicles and your injuries.
  • Report the accident to your insurance company
  • Keep copies of all receipts, accident reports and other documentation –
  • Contact an Atlanta personal injury lawyer right away.  Walker Chandler and the team at Chandler and Chandler Law Group can help you by helping to preserve evidence and begin the investigation of the truck accident immediately so no details are missed.

An accident lawyer can also help you to deal with the insurance companies and can assist you in ensuring that you do everything possible to protect your legal rights and get the maximum compensation available under Georgia law.  

You should never sign an agreement with the insurance company without having a lawyer representing your interests. If you settle your case or agree to waive your legal right to sue, you may not be able to undo the damage done to your claim, and you may never get all of the compensation that you are entitled to by law after a truck accident caused by the negligence or carelessness of a truck driver.


Insurance companies — your own and the insurance company representing the trucking company — are not your friends, and they are not on your side. Your goal is to get full and fair compensation for all your damages after an accident. The insurance companies’ have many professionals working to protect their interests. You should have your own legal advocate to protect your rights after a Georgia truck accident.