Dog Bite Cases


Chandler and Chandler will review your dog bite or dog attack case at no charge.  Dog Bites are a growing threat to people, particularly as areas become more densely populated with people and pets.  Often dog bites result in serious injury, including tear wounds, scars, nerve damage, and pain and suffering as well as physical and emotional scars.  We at Chandler and Chandler have helped dog bite victims recover the verdicts and settlements they deserve for their medical expenses as well as pain and suffering.


In the state of Georgia one must show that the dog’s owner or handler did something wrong. For example, you should be able to recover compensation if you can prove:

  • The dog was known to be dangerous – An owner can be liable for an attack by a dog known to the owner to be dangerous, or by a dog the owner should have known to be dangerous
  • The dog was off-leash or unsecured – If a dog is required by local “leash laws” or animal control ordinances to be secured, and the owner had the dog off leash and unsecured the owner can be liable.