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Unscripted TV Pilot Pitch Basics  , post by Zeb Chandler

Avvo Legal Guide

  • Basics for beginning developers, producers, and writers, as well as tips for distribution, partnering, and pitch presentation.




The Evolution of Distracted Driving, post by Walker Chandler

April 2, 2014


When car radios first came  out,  many safety experts  worried about their capacity to distract  drivers from the complex series of interwoven skills involved in driving  a car.  It was finally agreed that the ability of radios to keep drivers awake  outweighed the distractions they might cause.

Distracted Driving    Not so the mobile telephone and the world of texting-while-driving.  This is definitely a distraction.  It is  often found that accidents are  caused by both  dialing, talking and texting–even when  hands-free devices are being used.

In the investigation of  a traffic accident,  often the missing piece of the puzzle involves discovering that  one or more of the drivers involved were  using  their mobile devices during the moments just before  the wreck.  Your trial lawyer can investigate that for you.

Don’t let yourself or  your family fall into the dangerous practice of Distracted Driving.  It only takes a  moment’s inattention to cause or fail to avoid  a terrible accident.

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March 15, 2014

A recent Georgia Ballot Access Case heard by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals relied on the precedent set in Bergland v. Harris,  a case argued and won by Walker Chandler in 1985 in the same 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.  Read about GREEN PARTY OF GEORGIA, CONSTITUTION PARTY OF GEORGIA v. STATE OF GEORGIA, SECRETARY, STATE OF GEORGIA

Walker Chandler 1985 Ballot Access Case in the News