Additional Practice Areas

In addition to our focus areas of Entertainment Law and Business Law we also help clients in other areas of law as well, in these practice areas we often collaborate with other trusted attorneys in other firms with whom we have longstanding relationships of trust and respect.

The bottom line is we want to be of service to our clients no matter their needs.

Give us a call about anything that you may need legal help on. If we can we will help you we will, if we personally cannot deliver the needed legal services and representation we promise to help you find a highly qualified attorney who we know personally and trust completely to take care of your needs.

These areas include personal injury, criminal defense, wills and trusts, and family law.

Senior Partner Walker Chandler started out as a small town attorney and practiced in a variety of areas to serve the various needs of the community.  He was actually the only attorney in Zebulon Georgia some 40+ years ago !  He spent many years focused on Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Business Litigation, and Real Estate Deals.  As a result he has plenty of experience in the courthouses and courtrooms all across Georgia.  He has argued over 150 jury trials including many very significant wins for his clients and liberty in general.   Walker’s record speaks for itself in that he has secured large settlements for injury victims and helped many people who were charged with crimes.  Whether in superior, state, federal, or appeals court Walker has experience, know how, and a passion for justice.

Nowadays, while our firm does zealously fight for clients in some cases involving injury, negligence, or car accidents, we have also developed close ties with firms that specialize in these practice areas.   When we bring one of our friends, clients, or members of the community into the office of an outside attorney you can feel confident that we don’t stop there.

Not only do we work on the case alongside our fellow attorneys to make sure they fight for our clients to the max, but also Walker’s vast experience at trial and in handling many types of complex matters truly does bring an added dimension to the level of representation that our clients receive.

Walker and Zebulon are often working on cases with fellow outside attorneys in these fields especially in personal injury and jury trial cases.  Whether injury, contract disputes, or criminal charges related, many of our fellow attorneys trust us in similar fashion and turn to our firm when it comes to business disputes, trial preparation, and of course entertainment matters.


So if you have a question and need to talk to an attorney who listens do not hesitate to call us.

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