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Across the world people face challenges, opportunities, and moments when they need a legal counselors help.  We as legal counselors take our commitment to our clients very seriously.

In 2012 this father and son team began practicing together, forming the firm Chandler and Chandler Law Group.  The law firm is a modern boutique firm focused on creating value and real results for our clients, regardless their problem or position.  We focus on building strong relationships with our clients so we can best address their needs.  We have developed an expert team of support personnel as well as formed strategic alliances with expert attorneys in ranging specialties to best help our clients.

Senior Partner Walker Chandler has practiced personal injury, business law, and criminal law in Georgia for over 40 years, having tried over 150 jury trials, as well as numerous noteworthy cases, verdicts, judgements, and other accomplishments, including arguing and winning a right to privacy case in the Supreme Court of the United States.

Managing Partner Zebulon Chandler practices entertainment law and specializes in music, film, and tv.  He represents talent, producers, and companies in business, technology, trademark, performance, and intellectual property matters.

Within our entertainment law practice, Zebulon Chandler focus on agreements, particularly licensing, talent, development, and other related types of agreements.

Within our business law practice, Walker Chandler focus on the  cannabis business issues and licensing in deregulating states.

We also focus on corporate finance, including shareholder agreements, investor agreements, partnership agreements, and funding agreements.  We also have experience representing trade organizations and non-profits.

With excellent support staff in the firm’s Atlanta offices the team handles a diverse array of clients and issues across various industries.  Nevertheless we focus on the areas of:

Entertainment Law

Cannabis Business Law

Personal Injury Law

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The firm’s Buckhead Offices in Atlanta, Georgia

 Chandler and Chandler Law Group is a boutique law practice located in the Buckhead Neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia.  Our firm’s law practice centers around two distinct practice areas based on each Partner’s experience and focus within the law.

Together with our staff out of our Atlanta office we strive to deliver exceptional legal representation and services to all our clients. Whether they be an accident victim, a family member with an injured child or parent, or on the other hand they are an entertainer, media producer, or actor; either way, we look after our clients, we pay close attention to each one, we care about everyone we work with deeply.

In an accident case, we don’t collect a fee unless you win your case.  We will work hard with our team to negotiate your case quickly, firmly, and effectively.  If a pre trial agreement cant be reached, we are always prepared to go to trial and fight for our clients when they need us.

With each entertainment client we represent we work completely through the specifics of their situation with them and set out to deliver valuable legal services from start to finish. We strive to price our services on a value added basis because we know we are in the business of our clients success.

Attorney Walker Chandler

Partner Walker Chandler

Attorney Walker L. Chandler heads the firm’s Personal Injury Law Practice, focusing on auto accidents, business litigation, and corporate formations.

Read more about Walker Chandler here.

 Attorney Zebulon Chandler

Partner Zebulon Chandler

Attorney Zebulon K. Chandler heads the firm’s Entertainment Law Practice, focusing on film, music, entertainment financing, and digital media.

Read more about Zebulon Chandler here.

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Our Commitment:

We pride ourselves on our close attention to our clients best interests.  We remain in communication with clients at all phases of negotiation and execution of their claims, contracts, negotiations, and cases.  We strive to protect our clients rights, health, and careers.

Working with some of the best private investigators, paralegals, and outside counsel, our firm is able to adapt our capacity to fit client needs while maintaining a high level of service.